Grassland Monthly Real Estate Recap: March 2020

Not to brag.. but I put on my fancy pants this week, zipper and all. In all seriousness, it’s been a busy week month, and the world is still trying to turn. I know we’re all exhausted from continuing to be full-time professionals, full-time parents and the additional role of ...

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Covid 19: No Market Crash Here

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been preaching for a few weeks that Buyers are still out there. All we’ve done with Covid is weed out the Real Estate tire-kickers! But it brings me great J*O*Y to see this is still the case about a month into our Stay-Home ...

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Covid 19: Should I Buy Right Now?

A lot of us feel like we’re just waiting in limbo right now — all actions are paused — and for valid reasons. I mean, afterall, that’s pretty much what we’re ordered to do for the foreseeable future. #ThankYouCovid But I’ve noticed while Sellers may be hesitant to list For ...

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