Grassland Monthly Real Estate Recap: October 2020

November 18, 2020

I sit here drinking some hot chai tea, mostly because it’s cold outside and I’m freezing. A smaller reason is because I like the taste. I’m also doing it just because I can.

How’s that for a “why.

For the first time since February, we are getting a chance to catch our breath in this Real Estate market. This is honestly the first chance I’ve had in nine months to sit in solitude with a cup of tea, and I am enjoying every second of it, because I know this will only last a moment before our market is red hot again.

Within the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten 2 homes Under Contract here in Grassland. One didn’t even make it to the market before it was sold. The other didn’t make it past opening weekend before going Under Contract with multiple offers, 2 of them full-price CASH Buyers. These days are far from gone.

Catching our Breath

These multiple-offer situations and Cash Buyers are still around, but *some* of them are not as aggressive for the time being. The same could be said for Sellers hitting the market. I wouldn’t call it a pause right now because nothing about our Real Estate market in Grassland has stopped. I also wouldn’t call it a slow-down. We’re just catching our breath (and sipping a cup of tea).

For example, this time last month, we had already Closed 28 Grassland homes in October. As of today, only 19 homes have closed in Grassland for the month of November. That’s a -32% drop month-to-month so far. But it’s nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.

In fact, I expect we’ll be just as strong (and probably stronger) in November 2020 sales numbers as we were in November 2019. And here’s why: Our market is moving faster and is in more demand than it was last year. During the month of October 2020 in Grassland, 43 homes were Sold. This is +4 from September 2020 and +8 from October 2019. This is a 9% increase in Grassland sales year-over-year for October. November will likely follow suit. And as long as mortgage interest rates remain low and a presidential inauguration looms, this will carry into 2021 as well.

Grassland Monthly Stats – October 2019

Let’s take a look at some of our October 2020 market details here in Grassland:

  • Median Square Footage: 3,354 (4 beds / 3.5 baths) +14% from October 2019
  • Median year built: 1998  1994 in October 2019
  • Median Sales price to List price Ratio: 100% (this means homes sold exactly for their list price) +1% from October 2019
  • Median Days on Market: 3  -10 from October 2019
  • Number of homes sold: 43  +4 from October 2019

Comparing Grassland to Williamson County:

Our Grassland Real Estate market shows a median sales price of $799,000 for our October 2020 Closings. Here’s how the rest of the County compares.

  • Fairview: $381,000
  • Spring Hill: $422,455
  • Thompsons Station: $472,246
  • Nolensville: $579,900
  • Franklin: $622,450
  • College Grove: $689,478
  • Arrington: $888,750
  • Brentwood: $990,000
  • Average of Williamson County: $599,014

So, as you can see, all of the data is still heading in a very positive direction if you’re looking to sell in Grassland. And as is typical in 2020, NOTHING is typical. So at this point, I wouldn’t even let the holidays slow you down.

Follow Your “Why

As previously mentioned, my “why” with the tea is because I can. It’s a moment I’m seizing because it doesn’t come around often so I’m taking the opportunity to sit here and sip while I can.

The same thing can be said for our Real Estate market. We are at a time — regardless of the time of year — when we have more Buyers wanting to move to Grassland than we have homes For Sale. Some of them are just wanting a home for Christmas. So if you’ve recently considered Selling your home, let me know. I have Buyers in waiting who are willing to pay considerably more than your home value was a year ago. Your “why” could also be.. because you can.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying a home, I’m happy to help you and give you honest advice. I’m a Grassland area resident and I’m a Platinum Award-winning Williamson County REALTOR® ranking in the top 2%. I have been featured on TV and my success is the topic of an article in the July 2020 edition of Nashville Real Producers magazine. But most importantly, I specialize in helping my friends and neighbors buy and sell homes!