Grassland Weekly Watch: 11/29/19

November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving – We survived!

After a busy week of football gaming, tailgating and turkey.. I am no doubt grateful to be living in a place that’s not a bazillion degrees below zero right now.

Another thing to be grateful for: Even during one of the slower months of Real Estate, our Grassland area market is still ”moving.“

Homes Under Contract

This week, among our homes zoned for Grassland Middle School, we had 8 homes go under contract in our own back yard!

That’s e-i-g-h-t.


“On an abbreviated, holiday week, during what’s usually one of the slowest seasons of Real Estate!”

This is same number of homes to go under contract as we saw during the middle of September when the Real Estate market picked up momentum after Labor Day.

To put this week’s activity into perspective… About 7% of our active real estate market right now just became unavailable because buyers are shopping. I mean, it’s Black Friday, afterall.

Numbers Snapshot

Of the Grassland area homes that went under contract and are still showing to buyers, the median list price is $612,500 at 3,626 square feet. That makes the median price per square feet $215!

The median days on market for these Grassland homes that just went under contract this week is 37.

What the Numbers Mean

Now we’ve got the numbers.. How do they translate to your property? It’s not as easy as multiplying your home’s square-footage by your neighbor’s going rate, as most people think. For example, basement square-footage pulls a lower price than above-grade. Your home’s floorplan, amenities —and especially updating and staging can all factor in, among several other elements.

What the numbers DO give us is a pretty good gauge of our values and the demand for homes in this area. Meaning… we have buyers for this area. And if we can nail down the correct price for your home– what the market is willing to pay– your home will sell.

What’s Next

As your head is in the game for Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday and all that jazz.. Think of where you really want to spend your money. Keep your eyes peeled for appliance deals or other home improvement and decorative items. Even small things can make a world of difference when someone enters your home. Sure, you want it to look merry and all for those holiday visitors. But – maybe you’ll also be able use it in the next month or two as you consider selling your home in spring market (which begins in January here).

It’s never too early to start planning! (And you thought Christmas was coming fast.)

I’m a Grassland area resident… I’m a Williamson County, TN Realtor®… and I always offer a complimentary, no commitment, no pressure meeting to see what your home could sell for. I love helping my neighbors buy and sell homes!

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