Grassland Weekly Watch: 12/22/19

December 23, 2019

Less than 2 weeks from the New Year and this week’s blog theme is “Out with the Old.” Of course, what I’m talking about is old Real Estate listings. And boy, have we really seen some movement with what have become our usual suspects lately.

Going, Going, Gone.

You may have noticed several Grassland-area homes sprinkled in your search feeds — and they won’t go away. They’ve been there for MONTHS — one of them going on 2 years — and no sale. These are market outliers — not the norm in the Grassland market. One of them has part of its property in a flood plain, another one has loud traffic noise, being so close to a busy road and some of them are just generally over-priced or significantly outdated (probably a combination of both to not move in this market).

But all of a sudden, after expired listings and re-listing or just sitting, the right buyers have come along and these properties are finally getting under contract (and will presumably close in the few weeks).

Drumroll, Please.

By now, you’re probably wondering if the homes you’re thinking of are the ones I’m talking about. Altogether this week alone, there are 8 homes that have gone under contract, zoned for Grassland Middle School.

But broadening our timeline to the past two weeks, we had more than a dozen!

The most notable one is this new construction home. This beauty in Stockett Creek has been For Sale since January 2018 —   going on two years!

Its listing has expired, been withdrawn, the home has been re-listed and dropped in price by about $100,000 during that time. And as of December 12th, it’s FINALLY under contract at a cool $1,199,000.

The next-longest one we’ve seen on the market, going under contract in just the past couple of days is from Stonebridge Park.

This one had been on the market 232 days! That’s more than 2/3 of the year! It’s Under Contract now, as of December 20th, listed at $649,900.

Keep in mind some of the reasons I mentioned above when looking at these. There are reasons these have been sitting on the market and again, I’ll state these are outliers in our Grassland area.

I’ll show you one more just for thought:

This one is in Horseshoe Bend and stayed on the market 158 days before going Under Contract December 18th. The home is listed at $699,000 and never budged on price during the long wait.

There are quite a few more homes that have been on the market 40 days or more, just going under contract in the past week or two. And all this sudden activity reinforces my conversation from last week’s post about our momentum gaining here.

All Signs Point Here.

As we all know, timing is everything. And right now is when buyers start to really get motivated in their search. But another factor we’ve got in play is a lower amount of homes on the market than there are buyers.

It’s no wonder that even homes and properties that are overpriced, outdated, or in a flood plain are being snatched up right now– and all of a sudden as inventory lulls and more sellers postpone listing until after the holidays.

In the next couple weeks, I predict we will continue seeing a lot more movement with more sellers and buyers out there. We’re pretty much clearing out inventory right now – Out with the Old – and we’ll Ring in the New Listings as we ring in the New Year.

(So, ahem, if you’re planning to sell in 2020, NOW is the time to start talking with a Realtor.)

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