Grassland Weekly Watch: 6/14/2020

June 14, 2020

Holy WOW. This market rebound has been intense.

In fact, I’m going to have to keep this blog post short because.. time.

Case in point.. I made this graphic of our recent activity last week.. and its already outdated before I had a chase to post it. Just in the last 3 days, we’ve had 3 more clients go Under Contract — at full price — with no home sale contingency. (Two of those homes are not pictured.) One of those Sellers got a CASH offer, at the highest price for their neighborhood, so they don’t even have to sweat appraisal.

This mention doesn’t go without a huge THANK YOU to our clients who *LET GO and trust our process.* We are thrilled to be showing them some amazing results during this crazy time.

How Do We Do It?

Short answer: We Geek Out. My business partner and I make a huge effort to know everything about our market so we can evolve our home marketing and sales strategy, and best guide our clients on how to get the highest and best offer for their home. We negotiate, we have confidence in our research, and we use it all to fight for your property values.

One of my clients this week told me about why he chose to work with me. He and his fiancee got referred to me by a co-worker who lives in Grassland and works in Bellevue. When he looked me up online, he loved it that I’m as big of a nerd as he is. Ha!

But it’s true. My business partner and I put this information out here to empower you. We stay updated on all of the movement, and we specialize in the areas where we live — proud to be your area experts.

So Here’s What’s Happening:

We’re still seeing a decrease in Grassland home sales, and across the country, really. It’ll be this way for a while. There is a lot of fear and misconception about WHY… so allow me to clear it up:


It’s not that homes aren’t selling. It’s that there are not enough homes to sell.

We went into Covid with a shortage of inventory (fewer homes For Sale than there are Buyers), and Covid only made that worse. A lot of Sellers who would normally be listing right now have decided not to for a variety of reasons. But those who are selling stand to be in the best position.

Take a look at our numbers from the last month (May 14, 2020 – June 14, 2020) for homes zoned for Grassland Elementary School:

  • Only 8 homes Closed within the past month, down from 23 this time last year!
  • Median Sales Price: $804,900, up from $725,000 last year!
  • Median List Price/Sales Price Ratio: 99.71% (which means almost every home got asking price), up from 97.49% last year!
  • Median Days on Market: 6, down from 9 last year!

All of this debunks the idea that homes aren’t selling. But there are A LOT of moving parts that go into selling and buying homes, especially right now. This is a whole different ballgame than it was even three months ago. And one of the reasons my business partner and I continue to geek out is so we can evolve our strategies with the market.

Put a Bow on It

I promised I would keep this short – so here I am wrapping it up. Even on a Sunday, there is more real-estating that demands my attention. Among the to-do items.. we’re ordering more For Sale signs and riders for this coming week’s activities. But since I’ve had to keep this blog post short, I realize there may be some unanswered questions. Feel free to reach out to me ANY time! We are always accepting more clients and I will always have time to personally discuss market conditions with you.

If you need to sell your home and want honest advice on what it takes right now, I’d be happy to help. Call, email or text me. I provide a free consultation to see what your home could sell for – or to get pre-approved to buy. I’m a Grassland area resident, I’m a Platinum Award-winning Williamson County REALTOR® ranking in the top 2% and I specialize in helping my neighbors buy and sell homes!