Grassland Weekly Watch: 3/1/2020

March 2, 2020

What’s better than Grassland and Songwriters? 

Grassland’s own Songwriters performing at the Franklin Theatre – and that performance benefiting our schools! You know I’m all about our community. And I am so proud to have been part of an effort showcasing our talented neighbors and school parents Friday night, at the Grassroots of Grassland. It’s an event to give back to the schools that take such great care of our children.

We have so many families coming and going through our sweet little community – and things like this are a huge reason why so many good people continue to invest and move here.

Market Snapshot

So let’s see who’s moving here — or at least where they’re buying.

This map represents all the Grassland home sales that closed in the past month. We have a pretty good spread across our zone.. but the most concentrated bit of activity is that little cluster near Sneed & Vaughn Roads which encompasses Horseshoe Bend, Stonebridge Park, Stockett Creek, and two sales in Laurelbrooke.

There are 21 homes that closed in the whole Grassland area during February 2020. The lowest priced home was $220,000 in Brentwood Pointe. The highest priced home sold for $2,700,000 in Laurelbrooke.

Of those 21 homes, here are the stats:

Average Sales Price: $989,096

Average Sales Price per Square Feet: $244

Average Year Built: 1994

Average Days on Market: 33

A Question Remains

Something interesting to note…

Most of these stats are higher than what we saw last year. However, when you compare the number of closed sales in February 2019, this year is not as strong.

We had 25 closed properties last year versus 21 now after a consistent climb year after year. At the same time, our prices are going up.

February 2019 Key Stats:

Average Sales Price: $775,358

Average Sales Price per Square Feet: $206

Could such a dramatic increase in our values

be contributing to a slowdown in sales?

It’s too early to tell, and this by no means signals a problem. But all of these numbers are important to keep an eye on as we in the Real Estate industry work to keep the market moving and price properties accurately.

I met with a prospective client yesterday who is a former Realtor. She understands how to sell a home and wants representation saying, among other things: “Homes priced perfectly sell quickly.” And she’s 100% correct. Perfectly priced homes may not sell immediately. But they sell quickly and yield the most return on investment for sellers.

Right Now

As I type, there are 65 Grassland homes active on the market. But according to Grassland’s performance in March over the past 5 years, only about 35 homes usually sell during March.

This means only 54% of the homes we currently have for sale will sell this month.

They’re priced anywhere from $329,900 to almost $18 million.. and their Realtors are marketing these homes as the most valuable investment for buyers’ money in order to beat out that remaining 46% of homes.

Grassroots of Grassland

It’s no question to most of us living here that you’re getting a really great deal, as those who buy here continue to invest in this community.

This is a place where living here and being part of our community goes hand in hand. We support our local coffee shops, make dinner for the Volunteer Fire Department, get sad when a grocery store closes, we hang with our neighbors and spend months organizing and hosting fund raisers for our children’s schools.

Keeping our area healthy in all aspects is a Grassroots effort, just like the Grassroots of Grassland.

Do you know of someone wanting to buy or sell a home this year? Call, email or text me.  I provide a free consultation to see what your home could sell for – or to get pre-approved to buy. I’m a Grassland area resident, I’m a Platinum Award-winning Williamson County REALTOR® ranking in the top 2% and I specialize in helping my neighbors buy and sell homes!