Grassland Weekly Watch:12/15/19

December 15, 2019

Greetings fellow Grasslanders! And thank you for joining me as we peek in on what’s happening in our ‘hood. Of course, we’ve got the countdown to the holidays — but I also think it’s fun to watch the post-holiday Real Estate Rush! So if you’re thinking of selling your home soon, listen (or read) up.

Picking Up Steam

While I’ve pointed out we had the BUSIEST November of home sales in more than a decade here in the Grassland area (click here for that post), the truth remains that generally November and December are among the slower months of the year in real estate.

You’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all the other holidays people may celebrate over the course of an 8-week period, and let’s face it, no one really moves right now unless they have to.

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.”

But what I’ve personally started noticing this week among my listings is increased traffic. People are actually out shopping right now (duh) – but that shopping includes homes! My business partner and I are expecting an offer on one of our listings today, which will likely have a mid-January closing date — because that’s when people are willing to start moving again.

Take a Look at This:

The MLS shows 17 homes zoned for Grassland Middle School under contract already in December  —  TEN of those happened THIS WEEK! And the farther those close dates inch away from New Years Day, the more buyers we’ll see out shopping.

But there’s a sweet spot. Get your home listed BEFORE everyone else hits the market in spring, and you’ll have less competition while still getting a hefty number of eyeballs.

This Week’s Highs and Lows

Among the ten homes that went under contract this week in the Grassland Middle School zone, we had almost a million-dollar price difference. Sure, it usually takes less time to sell a less expensive house. But this should also bring some hope to those of you in the luxury sales market as well. THE MARKET IS MOVING! 🙂

Our community’s most affordable priced home that just went under contract this week is in Fieldstone Farms. It’s listed at $347,900 and stayed on the market about 34 days before going under contract.

And here are some pictures of our highest-priced home that just went under contract, in Legends Ridge, listed at a cool $1,289,000:



This home only stayed on the market 61 days and went under contract at $241/sf.




Congratulations to these sellers and their buyers!

Getting to Your Goal

One final note to end on here as we think about the building market momentum. IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO START PLANNING! If you’re thinking of selling your home in 2020, meet with a Realtor NOW. Start getting a gauge for what needs to be done around the home– and what doesn’t.   <—– That doesn’t word is a biggie and could save you money.

As always, I’m happy to help in any way possible, even if it’s just answering a quick question.

I’m a Grassland area resident… I’m a Williamson County, TN Realtor®… and I always offer a complimentary, no commitment, no pressure meeting to see what your home could sell for. I love helping my neighbors buy and sell homes!