Grassland Weekly Watch: 3/14/20

March 14, 2020


Who wants to take a break from the barrage of bad news around the world? This girl does.

As you may know by now, Real Estate is my happy place. I find few things more fascinating than watching our Grassland comings and goings.. and I gladly serve it up to you.. in case that’s your thing, too.

What’s Happening Today

So here we go – No pandemonium here. There is quite a bit of real estate activity that correlates with our norm, as though no one is really all that freaked by the #germageddon. I mean, afterall, when you need to move, you need to move.

Right now, of all homes zoned for Grassland Middle School, we’ve got 76 homes active on the market and 3 coming soon.

Check out these stats for the active homes, according to the MLS:

Median price: $904,750

Median List Price per Square Foot: $223

Median Square Feet: 4,350

Median Days on Market: 41

I’ve used median numbers here instead of averages, because our highest priced home in the Grassland area is nearly $18,000,000 (SIX zeros behind that 18). Considering this is about $10 million more dollars than the next highest priced home on the list, it’s kind of throwing our averages off.

Also, click here for pics and more info on that home. Scroll down a bit to see – It’s quite a sight.

Another cool thing to note about our 79 homes for sale or coming soon:

37 of those homes are priced at more than a million dollars.

That’s about 47% — almost half— of our homes in Grassland are coming with a 7-figure price tag! The majority of these being new construction.

What’s Selling

Taking a look at a snapshot in time… Let’s compare the past four weeks to this time period in 2019.

**Between February 14, 2019 to March 14, 2019:

Homes closed: 28

Median Sales Price: $649,950

Sales Price per Square Foot: $191

Days on Market: 8

**Between February 14, 2020 to March 14, 2020:

Homes closed: 32

Median Sales Price: $702,450

Sales Price per Square Foot: $186

Days on Market: 10

*We had some auction homes that brought down our 2020 stats, but considering this, still not bad numbers.

Going Forward

We’ve all heard the next 6-8 weeks could get pretty ugly economically, and the Real Estate industry is no exception.

I expect we’ll see fewer buyers out there… which will be an odd feeling for all of us after so many years of a shortage in inventory. But the fact remains that there will still be a variety of circumstances where people have to move.

Could this #germageddon give us a taste of the much-anticipated market correction? Perhaps. But I don’t see us experiencing a slow-down in the market for very long — not to the degree or the extent that we saw in the 2007 recession.

Getting Back to Business

Hopefully, we’ll all be up and humming again before long (though I fear it won’t be before another dreadful call from Carol).

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of distraction while you’re climbing up a wall. By yourself. In a closet. After washing your hands till they bleed.

I’ll be available to answer any questions if you’d like to reach out… and I’m open to future blog post ideas, too! That is, unless it forces me into being the bearer of bad news. Ha!

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